Welcome to Sandusky Yacht Club

Established 1894

For over one hundred and fifteen years now, the Sandusky Yacht Club has provided its members shelter and comfort when Sandusky Bay waters are not as inviting as the warm fireplace near a friendly tap. The floating population is an attractive asset to any waterway, and many cities view with envy Sandusky's beautiful land-locked harbor. Our club is the scene of activity for twelve months out of the year. You will find members there knitting their brows, spinning their yarns, mending their friendships, patching new acquaintances, darning whatever, needle pointing, and bending their biceps, Brachii cum Spiritus.

Sandusky Yacht Club membership now hovers over 1000, its fleet boasts nearly 600 sail and power boats. Throughout the years, the Sandusky Yacht Club has changed with the times. But many things remain the same, including the value placed on long-standing traditions set forth by our founders. The Sandusky Yacht Club remains a place for people to gather. It's the setting for swapping stories with friends, both old and new. It's a traditional place to share holidays, regattas and good times.